Skourogiannis Dimitris


Skourogiannis Dimitris

Experienced Designer / Innovation Consultant.


Mr. Dimitris Skourogiannis studied Industrial Product Design, Interior Architecture, Visual Communications, and Scenography in Athens and Milan.

In his continuous effort to promote the possibilities of the broader design field and its dynamic utilization, he curated numerous exhibitions and conference events, participated in special committees, and organized educational activities. He also served as the publisher of the award-winning international magazine “Multidisciplinary NTIZAIN.”

Since 1993, he has created and directed the Industrial-Product Design department (BA Hon’s) at AKTO in collaboration with Middlesex University (UK).

In the spring of 2014, this department established the first Innovation Lab in Greece, focusing on product design and the potential for developmental collaborations.
Dimitris is the founder and director of The PERIPLUS project, a non-profit organization that explores the possibilities of creativity in collaboration with a broad international network of cultural institutions and stakeholders. He also organizes collective platforms and activities such as the Athens Design Festival (ADF), Athens Design Biennale (ADB), Athens Design Week (ADW), and Periplus Workshops. Dimitris holds a postgraduate degree in Design from the Scuola Politecnica in Milan. In September 2015, he was a speaker at TEDx Academy on Design Thinking. Today, he strives to be an unwavering observer and advocates that there is a greater need than ever for genuine design.